Cody George for Fayette County Sheriff 2020

Cody George for Fayette County Sheriff 2020

Cody George for Fayette County Sheriff 2020Cody George for Fayette County Sheriff 2020

Cody George for Fayette County Sheriff 2020

Cody George for Fayette County Sheriff 2020

Cody George for Fayette County Sheriff 2020Cody George for Fayette County Sheriff 2020Cody George for Fayette County Sheriff 2020

Help us campaign today for a better, more unified tomorrow!


Help us campaign today for a better, more unified tomorrow!

Going Beyond "To Protect & Serve"

Serving The Community

Cody George has been an important part of this community for many years. Dedicated to making our wonderful county the best its been in years, Cody George has and will continue to work tirelessly to make it a better place now and for generations to come. 

United By A Common Goal

We are better when we are a unified community, coming together to work towards everyone's best interests collectively. 

Get Involved

Cody George can't win this race without your help! Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together. Help him help the community- your influence, voice and goals matter. 


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Cody George, and his wife Karla, with their 3 children, Aiden (12), Zane (9) and Kinslee (3).

About Cody George

The Road to Sheriff

Cody George has had a passion for serving his community for as long as he can remember, officially entering into a career of public service at just the age of 16. 

Over the next 21 years, Cody would expand that career in many forms of public servitude. Starting out as a Firefighter, Cody got a taste of true public service and made it his life's work. Eventually, he made the decision to serve his community in new ways, going on to become a Texas Certified Paramedic. To this day, he still proudly maintains his certification- 15 years later. Throughout those years as a Paramedic, he served as an Emergency Medical Service Instructor to the United States Military, conducting and curating countless emergency medical courses with our nation's armed forces. On top of this, he became an EMS Educator, training new paramedics for their certifications, and even managed an EMS firm with over 135 employees at any given point. After years serving his community as a Paramedic, Cody George felt a new calling in the police force, and followed that right to becoming a police officer with Flatonia Police Department.  

Now, as a police officer, Cody George has grown his wheelhouse of experience and skills tremendously, and embraced life in the police force wholeheartedly.  Cody is a law enforcement instructor and firearms instructor as well.  Jumping head first into new avenues, Cody has managed to secure multiple grants and vital equipment for the police department- all at no cost to the city or its taxpayers. Priding himself on finding the win-win situation such as that between the community and police department, Cody has taken on community outreach projects to strengthen that relationship. This year, he directed the very first National Night Out for the Flatonia Police Department. It was a major success, and a lot of fun too!  Other similar projects would include becoming the Director of Security for Czhilispiel. You might have seen him patrolling the grounds, and working with other officers to ensure such a large event would go off without a hitch. 

Other forms of community outreach Cody George prides himself on becoming a part of includes the mentorship of local youth. The future of our community lies in the children of today, and their future lies so much witin the community. In order to see our youth grow to be happy, healthy and upstanding citizens, Cody has taken those who need him most under his wing to ensure they are supported in their endeavors. 

The growth in Fayette County as a whole has always been a focus of Cody George, and is a key reason in him becoming a Director for the Flatonia Chamber of Commerce. Understanding the unique difficulties of owning a local, family owned business, Cody not only wanted to support his own family's ventures, but all ventures in the community. A community that grows together, prospers together. Cody George is driven to see Fayette County grow together. 

When Cody is not on the campaign trail or busy in the field with the police department, you can find him at home continuing his woodworking craft and enjoying quality time with his loving wife of 13 years, Karla. In the spring and  summer, Cody coaches a local little league baseball team (Go Bulldogs!), and can be seen throwing the ball around with his sons Aiden, aged 12, and Zane, aged 9. Occasionally, you can catch him on daddy-daughter dates with his adorable little girl, Kinslee, who is almost 3, or at the Market helping out with the family business. 

Meet Cody in person

Check out our events page for upcoming Meet & Greets, and community events Cody will be hosting and attending. 

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